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Hyperspace Theories Episode Six: Jedi Masters Simon Kinberg and Luke Skywalker

This month’s episode of Hyperspace Theories centers around two masters likely to make a major impact on the future of Star Wars. Continuing the pattern of recent episodes, the storytelling segment considers another person whose participation forms one of the foundations of the next generation of Star Wars tales: screenwriter Simon Kinberg. Although the official […]

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Tricia Talks Twittering Hearts As Storytelling Beats on ForceCast

For Valentine’s Day, I joined Eric Geller and Justin Bolger on the ForceCast to discuss love in Star Wars. The topic specifically evolved out of past piece I did for Suvudu, Random House’s Science Fiction Fantasy blog, for the holiday. At the time I originally wrote the piece I was excited about the prospect of […]

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WYNDE: Romance Is In The Air

Valentine’s Day has been an important part of my blogging career. I’m not going to lie – having the opportunity to pitch and write Suvudu posts which featured art of my favorite Star Wars couples were some of coolest things I have ever done. And my love for Han/Leia, Jaina/Jag, and Wedge/Iella has not faded […]

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Fangirls Going Rogue Episode 16: Legions of Leia Fangirls Flail

The February 2015 episode of Fangirls Going Rogue is now posted at RebelForce Radio! It’s official! Hosts Teresa Delgado, Tricia Barr, and Sarah Woloski will be appearing on the Podcast Stage at Celebration. Naturally we took some time to start planning our #fangirlflail event. If you have ideas of where, when, or how to showcase […]

Tricia Talks Idiot’s Array on Star Wars Rebels Declassified

With no Star Wars Rebels tonight, it’s the perfect time to catch up on a RebelForce Radio’s Star Wars Rebels Declassified. Last week I joined artist Randy Martinez to share our impressions of the episode “Idiot’s Array.” A lively and informative discussion led by Jason Swank ensued, with some more voice impressions between amazing insights […]

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Bryan Young Raids Hyperspace Theories Episode Five to Talk Lawrence Kasdan

If there’s an unintended theme cutting across all of our discussion topics in this month’s episode of Hyperspace Theories, it might be the aphorism that “past is prologue” and its implications for The Force Awakens and the Sequel Trilogy. Our storytelling segment continues our consideration of the foundations of Star Wars with a focus on […]

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Fangirls Going Rogue Is Bigger And Better

The January 2015 episode of Fangirls Going Rogue is now posted at RebelForce Radio! In 2015, Star Wars will be bigger, better, and even more worthy of #fangirlflails! To keep up with the fandom happenings, co-hosts Teresa Delgado and Tricia Barr turned to one of their podcasting friends, Sarah Woloski from Skywalking Through Neverland, to […]

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Club Jade, Star Ladies, and Wild Cards on Fangirl Chat

As the Athena’s Daughters 2 Kickstarter went live last month, I was excited to support the next selection of female writers after the pleasure of being part of the first Athena’s Daughters. I lined up several interviews, one with editor Maggie Allen and another with writer Jordan Frederick. When I realized the Star Wars credentials […]

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Fangirls Going Rogue Star Wars Rebels Party!

On this month’s episode of Fangirls Going Rogue, Teresa Delgado and Tricia Barr invite Geek Girl Diva from EW.com’s Star Wars Rebels community and Jedi Tink, Sarah Woloski from Skywalking Through Neverland, to celebrate Star Wars Rebels and The Force Awakens teaser trailer. After pondering the possibilities of BB-8’s head dome – Does it float? […]

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WYNDE Chapter One Audio Excerpt

I have a long tradition of sharing something special with my readers for the holidays. This year, I wanted to celebrate Wynde and the holidays at the same time, and continue my goal of supporting female creators. So here is my treat for you this year: an audio excerpt of Chapter One from Wynde. Kay […]