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Star Wars Insider is the official Star Wars magazine. Each issue includes the latest news, exclusive features and little-seen imagery from over 30 years of Star Wars. Subscriptions to Star Wars Insider are available in both print and digital editions. Tricia is a frequent contributor.

Issue #171 | Mar. 2017: “Carrie Fisher: The First Lady of Star Wars” (solicited Feature article paying tribute to the late icon) p.14-23

Issue #170 | Feb. 2017: Profiles of the Stars of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: Felicity Jones (p.14-17), Forest Whitaker (p.24-26), Alan Tudyk (p.28-31), Riz Ahmed (p.35-38), Donnie Yen (p.42-45), Jiang Wen (p.46-49), Mads Mikkelsen (p.58-61), Ben Mendelsohn (p.67-71), and Diego Luna (p.74-77)

Issue #168 | October 2016: “A Heroine’s Journey: Rey’s Adventure Begins” (second of two solicited Feature articles on Rey and the Hero’s Journey) p.14-19


Issue #167 | Aug./Sep. 2016: “Footprints in the Sand: Impressions of Rey” (solicited Feature article on the Hero’s Journey and Rey from The Force Awakens) p.12-17


Issue #165 | May/June 2016: “An Ace in Space” (solicited Feature article on X-wing starfighter pilot Poe Dameron from The Force Awakens) p.26-31


Issue #163 | Feb./Mar. 2016: “The Jedi General” (second of two solicited Feature articles on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s popularity and failings) p.44-48


Issue #161 | Nov./Dec. 2015: “A Knight’s Tale” (solicited Feature article on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s popularity and failings) p.44-48


Issue #160 | October 2015: “Ahsoka Tano: A Hero For Our Time” (solicited Feature article on The Clone Wars protagonist for ongoing Hero’s Journey series) p.36-41


Issue #159 | Aug./Sep. 2015: “Asajj Ventress: A-Typical Anti-Hero” (solicited Feature article on The Clone Wars antagonist for ongoing Hero’s Journey series) p.50-55


Issue #158 | July 2015: “Solo Journey” (solicited Feature article on Han Solo for ongoing Hero’s Journey series) p.48-55), reprinted in The Best of Star Wars Insider: Volume 2


Issue #157 | May/June 2015: “The Man Behind the Mask” (solicited Feature article on Darth Vader’s role as mythic villain and tragic figure in relation to the Hero’s Journey) p.62-67

“A Style Icon” (reporting on Billy Dee Williams’ remarks at Seattle exhibit opening) p.11

“Costumes: The Fine Art of Storytelling” (reporting on opening of Star Wars costume exhibit at Seattle’s EMP Museum) p.10-11

“Conversation with C-3PO” (interview with actor Anthony Daniels conducted at Seattle exhibit opening) p.56-61


Luke Skywalker ArticleIssue #155 | January 2015: “I’m Here to Rescue You!” (solicited Feature article on Luke Skywalker redefining mythic storytelling and the Hero’s Journey) p.26-31


Issue #152 | October 2014: “The Making of A New Dawn” (interview with John Jackson Miller, author of novel Star Wars: A New Dawn) p.45


Issue #151: Aug./Sep. 2014: “Fangirls Flying High” (solicited Feature article highlighting the active role of female Star Wars fans from the franchise’s beginning in 1977) p.20-25


Art of the Wars spread

Issue #147 | Feb./Mar. 2014: “The Art of Wars” (solicited Feature article interviewing cultural critic Camille Paglia, who declared George Lucas to be the “greatest living artist”) p.26-29


Issue #144 | October 2013: “Leia: Princess of the People” (Cover Article; solicited Feature article analyzing Princess Leia as a new type of movie heroine) p.14-19


Leia Article Spread

Issue #142 | July 2013: “Ruminations on Padmé” (Cover Article; solicited Feature article analyzing Padmé Amidala’s importance in the Star Wars saga) p.28-35


Issue #138 | Jan./Feb. 2013: “Scoundrels? We Like the Sound of That.” (solicited Feature article interviewing Timothy Zahn, author of novel Star Wars: Scoundrels) p.28-33


Issue #135 | Aug./Sep. 2012: “Attack Positions!” (solicited Feature article, including interview with Aaron Allston, author of novel Star Wars: X-Wing: Mercy Kill) p.28-35

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