Fourth Excerpt Posted

The world-building mega-task is almost complete, and in that time the first half of Act Two has been rewritten, smashed around, and beaten mostly into submission.  I figure it’s about time to give everyone a first glimpse of the Protectorate. Originally from Prime, the settlers of the Protectorate set out decades ago to establish a way of life that was somewhat different than the way their people had lived on the homeworld.  They are a fierce, militaristic society that has braved the savage realities as a colony at the edges of tamed space.  There are fortunate and unfortunate consequences from the separation of these two cultures that ripple through the events of the book.

The two characters Badger Keane and Nix Moonrider are pivotal characters in the book; they are brothers in every way except blood.  They have already bled and offered their lives for the other, and their friendship will be tested in this book and then beyond. I hope you like them as much as I do.