Fast Facts Interview for Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia

It was a pleasure to talk about my fandom, being an author, and engineering in DK Books Fast Facts interview. What would be your dream collaboration? If I could work with anyone, I’d love to be part of the story team for an animated show like The Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels. I am […]

ZANITA Available Now!

The next novel in the storytelling universe of the Fireheart Series is here! ZANITA by B.J. Priester tells the story of how Vespa’s parents, Daemyn Wynde and Utara Fireheart, first met during another major crisis on Prime over two decades before the events of WYNDE. It’s a tale that was germinating throughout the development of […]

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Star Wars Insider #167: Rey’s Heroic Journey

If you haven’t checked out my featured articles in Star Wars Insider, hopefully Issue #167 will tempt you enough to pick it up from the newsstand. Over at, editor Jonathan Wilkins shared ten highlights from the current issue, including: 2. REY OF LIGHT Tricia Barr’s guide to the heroic journey of various characters continues […]

Celebration Europe panel: STEM Heroes and Heroines of Star Wars

If you think about it, many of our favorite Star Wars characters have a scientific background or technological skills. And the Empire would have been nowhere without the engineering feats of Star Destroyers and superweapons galore. Tricia Barr proposed a panel to discuss how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) ties into the Star Wars […]

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Star Wars Insider #165: Poe Dameron and the Fly Ace Archetype

There are a lot of great articles in Star Wars Insider #165, as highlighted by Jonathan Wilkins at My feature expands on the Flying Ace archetype, which is relatively new in storytelling. From the article: Film too was in its infancy when the Wright Brothers first harnessed wind and took flight in 1903. While […]

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Tricia Visits The Great Big Beautiful Podcast to Talk Star Wars

Visiting The Great Big Beautiful Podcast was my pleasure. From the show notes: The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 45: Tricia Barr & Dan Wallace Star Wars doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so let’s chat about it some more, shall we? Way back on Episode 13, we had Adam Bray on the show to […]

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GeekGirlCon 2015 Schedule

Here are my appearances at this year’s GeekGirlCon in Seattle: Saturday, October 10 12:00-12:50 p.m. “The Fangirls Awaken: The Women of Star Wars” – panelist & moderator (room 301) (preview at FANgirl) 1:00-1:45 p.m. Book Signing for Ultimate Star Wars and Wynde (author signing table) 3:00-3:50 “The Heroine’s Journey: Female Leads On the Rise” – […]

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Ahsoka Tano Is Focus Of Star Wars Insider 160 Hero’s Journey Series shares highlights from Star Wars Insider #160 out now on newsstands. Included is a piece I pitched on the Insider Panel at Celebration for my ongoing series on heroes’ journeys, and sometimes falls, in Star Wars. After pitching Ahsoka Tano, I admitted on the latest Hyperspace Theories that I struggled with the piece. My […]

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I had a chance to answer some questions for Natacha Guyot’s blog. I talked about being a fangirl, female characters in science fiction fantasy and also what I have been working on in my fictional realm. Here’s the update from that interview: NG: What are your current (and future) Science Fiction projects? TRICIA: I am […]

Tricia Interviewed by Live the Force

I recently had the pleasure of talking about Ultimate Star Wars and Wynde with Live the Force, a family-centric Star Wars blog. From the interview: Your most recent Star Wars release was the Ultimate Star Wars guide which you co-authored with three others. What where the biggest challenges when it came to picking and choosing […]