The cast of Wynde by Tricia BarrI had a chance to answer some questions for Natacha Guyot’s blog. I talked about being a fangirl, female characters in science fiction fantasy and also what I have been working on in my fictional realm. Here’s the update from that interview:

NG: What are your current (and future) Science Fiction projects?

TRICIA: I am editing a novel Zanita, written by my editor B.J. Priester. It’s a prequel to my novel Wynde that focuses on the parents of Wynde’s heroine, Vespa. It delves into the sport of Airspar and some of the politics of the world Prime in the years leading up to the galactic war. I am fleshing out the short stories for a series called In Between, which will be set between Wyndeand my next novel, Sky Fall Down. For those short stories, the amazing French artist Magali Villeneuve is creating artwork to complement the character banner she created for Wynde. Short stories are a great way to try out different things and stretch my writing chops, and the artwork is another way to tell potential readers what my story is about. My favorite stories all inspired my own fictional universe, which you might be able to tell from the banner image, plus maybe a hint of Hunger Games in it too. For more on my stories check out my website

Check out the rest of the interview here, and be sure to follow B.J. Priester, who is now on Twitter @RedPenofLex.