Tricia Visits the Cantina Cast

Last week I joined Mike Rondeau and Joao Stinson of The Cantina Cast to discuss the end of The Clone Wars, the great existing Star Wars female characters like Leia, Padmé, and Ahsoka, and the potential for a leading lady in the upcoming Sequel Trilogy. More and more I am meeting male fans who are excited about the rumors of a female lead in Episode VII. Regular readers of FANgirl will remember that Joao joined my GeekGirlCon panel to talk about our favorite female character from Star Wars, and Mike has a young daughter, with whom he would like to share his favorite franchise.

The discussion ranged through a number of franchises, including Twilight, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Star Wars. I also talked about my thoughts on storytelling, creating relatable characters, and how ‘ships help an audience invest in a story. At the end, I had the chance to give my first podcast pitch for my novel Wynde.

You can download the podcast titled “Attack of the Fangirls” here. Many thanks for both Joao and Mike for the opportunity to chat about Star Wars. You can follow them on Twitter at @TheCantinaCast or on Facebook.

And as a friendly reminder, the leading ladies of the Star Wars movies are having a mother-daughter showdown in the “This is Madness” challenge at While I noted my love of both characters in the podcast, I am firmly entrenched on #TeamLeia. Either way, both characters would appreciate the support.