Star Wars Insider #167: Rey’s Heroic Journey

SW 167 ReyIf you haven’t checked out my featured articles in Star Wars Insider, hopefully Issue #167 will tempt you enough to pick it up from the newsstand. Over at, editor Jonathan Wilkins shared ten highlights from the current issue, including:

Tricia Barr’s guide to the heroic journey of various characters continues with the first of a two-part look at Rey. Discover why she’s so crucial to the saga and so groundbreaking in this typically insightful piece.

You will also find a short interview with Rey cosplayers, one of whom is FANgirl’s Kay!

There is also a great deal for new subscribers:

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In addition The Best of Star Wars Insider: Volume 2 is out now, featuring one of my favorite articles on everyone’s favorite scoundrel Han Solo.

Best of SWI 2