Athena’s Daughters Kickstarter Update: Mission Accomplished

With shout-outs over the weekend from Gail Simone, The Mary Sue, io9, and Jezebel, the ATHENA’S DAUGHTERS Kickstarter had a fabulous first weekend, which by all accounts are generally slow. So the story summary for my stretch goal participation, which I originally thought I would have to write this week some time, ended up being due today. That’s right – we funded all the way up to $15,500 yesterday afternoon! By the time this posts, we will have reached nearly $19,000 in funding with over 875 backers and 23 days yet to go.

If you haven’t checked out the Kickstarter, now’s the time. The stretch goals mean even a small donation gets you tons of free stuff.

A quick summary for my short story “Mission Accomplished” follows:

Summary: The day after her first combat mission as a member of the elite commando unit PARTE Seven, Gemini Reed struggles with the memories of the bloody battle and wonders if she could have done more to help her comrades. When Sergeant Murch interrupts her debrief with a new assignment, Gemini is certain she is being tested. Will she earn her squad’s trust, or has it already been irrevocably damaged?

Author’s note: This stand-alone story takes place during the events of my novel Wynde, which will be released December 31, 2013. Gemini is the lifelong best friend of my principal heroine, Vespa. Their friendship and teamwork are central to the novel and become critical in the final climactic battle for the Kavil moon. With the novel focused on Vespa, in my short story I wanted to share more of Gemini’s journey to becoming a heroine.

I’m very excited to see the artwork that goes with it. I’ve also offered a Tuckerization for a minor character as a backer reward (which someone has already snatched up!) and three copies of Wynde to be included in bundles.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the project so far!

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