First Excerpt Posted

This Monday is exciting for me – and maybe just a bit intimidating, actually – because the first excerpt from my upcoming space opera novel has been posted. It’s been quite an adventure building my own world and developing my own characters, including the central heroine. What I’ve discovered through the process is that there are multiple stories to be told as I follow Vespa’s journey of self-discovery, and in the end I think there will be something for most everyone.
The Excerpt section will include the novel’s one sentence summary, which doesn’t tell you much but can tell you a lot of things. As the excerpts progress, I’ll announce the first novel’s title and place a summary paragraph, or what some call a blurb. Since writing a novel has little reward until the process is complete, each new excerpt will come at a milestone I’ve set for myself.
For more discussion about the novel, the writing process, or its heroine, please check out the Working Title: A___ thread in the Cantina.