What Can You Do To Support WYNDE?

So that book I talk about a lot – Wynde – it’s been published! Obviously I am excited, and as the weeks go along I will talk more about it and future plans for the Fireheart Series. I felt though it was important to answer the most frequently asked question that has come my way. Then I can just point back here.

Here’s the question : What you can do to support Wynde?

Obviously, you can buy it – either on Amazon or CreateSpace, as well as ebook format at Smashwords; other vendors are coming soon. While I would love to give a copy to my family and friends, I’m an independent publisher-novelist. I have fronted everything out of pocket, from cover to design to the hundreds of hours spent writing and editing. All marketing costs are my own. That means if I send a book to a reviewer, I paid for it. The biggest chance to see more of the Fireheart Series quickly is for individuals like you to support it. Below, I’m going to make it very easy for you to show your support for Wynde and my writing endeavors.

Step 1: Get your copy, then share it with me and your friends. Either send me a tweet, post on my personal Facebook timeline or Fireheart Series timeline, or Tumblr it. Instagram and Pinterest work too. Pictures of the book in your possession or the cover presented on your ereader are especially helpful, and they make me smile.

Step 2: As you read and a moment grabs you – a line of dialogue, a plot point, you want to shake one of the characters – please share it with me and everyone else. I do have a place where you can discuss the book in depth with other readers and myself; it’s called the Lomin Ale Cantina. We talk Star Wars, Hunger Games and a lot more. There is a dedicated forum for the Fireheart Series called Primean Space. If you want to chat one and one about the story, feel free to send me an email at tricia@triciabarr.com.

After you’ve torn through the book, if all goes as planned, a burning need to express yourself will take over your soul. After you’ve hopped up and down, please do as many of the following. Every chance for exposure by word of mouth matters.

Step 3: Rate it on Amazon. If you bought the book on Amazon, be sure you’re signed in so you can be a verified purchase. While you’re there, if you can write short review, all the better. People like to buy books with a lot of reviews. Now, copy and paste that review…

Step 4: Hop on over to Goodreads and drop the same review in there. If you haven’t used Goodreads, it’s easy enough to use through a Facebook account. It’s more socially driven than Amazon. You can also Pin books or Tweet about them.

Step 5: If you have a blog or podcast, or you work with a blog or podcast, share your review there, write a piece about the storytelling or a character, or ask me for an interview. I have been writing this book for over two years. I love to talk about it! When you’ve done that, tweet or Facebook it to me. I will plug it at least five times, at different times of the day…now I am beginning to give away the secrets to successful blogging. But seriously, one tweet or Facebook post only reaches a slim fraction of the potential audience. The more times the book is exposed the bigger the boost of the signal.

Step 6: If you see someone mention my book, let me know about it. Well really, let everyone in the world know about it through social media.

Step 7: There are so many other ways to help. Talk about the novel. Give the book to a friend or the library. If you see me discussing it, join in the conversation, or boost my signal. If you know someone in the entertainment biz – publishing, television, movie – say, “Hey, I know this great book…”

Step 8: Surprise me and be my hero – fanart, get your book club to buy it, donate a copy to the troops or a hospital. The possibilities are endless.

One mention will earn my gratitude; a lot of mentions will earn my gratitude in spades. I hope to repay it with many more tales that inspire your imagination and sweep you away into a fantastic fictional universe.

Current library donation count: 4 copies!

Many blessings,


Tricia Barr took her understanding of brand management and marketing, mixed it with a love of genre storytelling, and added a dash of social media flare to create FANgirl Blog, where she discusses Star Wars, fandom, and strong female characters. She also writes about Star Wars for Random House’s science fiction and fantasy blog Suvudu.com and Star Wars Insider magazine and is a contributor for Her Universe’s Year of the Fangirl. Her FANgirl opinions can be heard on the podcasts Assembly of Geeks and RebelForce Radio Presents Fangirls Going Rogue.

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  1. I just recieved confirmation from Amazon that my copy of Wynde has shipped! I can’t wait to read it! I have always been a fan of your writing and style. I am sure I will love delving into the characters and universe you have created!

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