Pen Down – WYNDE is done!

After anticipating putting the pen down on the manuscript several times earlier this year, a few brainstorms ensued during edits. Rewrites happened. Finally the Pen Down moment arrived in the wee hours of last weekend, and the book is done. The rewrites were small, but they were all significant. For instance, the opening scene jumps […]

Tricia Barr Mark

Tricia Visits Full of Sith Podcast

This week I had the chance to join Consetta, Bryan, and Mike on the Full of Sith podcast. We discussed all things Star Wars, including my childhood experiences as a Star Wars fan, my entry into the online fandom through fan fiction, The Clone Wars, the Expanded Universe, and the Sequel Trilogy. We also talked […]

Tricia Barr Mark

Tricia Visits the Cantina Cast

Last week I joined Mike Rondeau and Joao Stinson of The Cantina Cast to discuss the end of The Clone Wars, the great existing Star Wars female characters like Leia, Padmé, and Ahsoka, and the potential for a leading lady in the upcoming Sequel Trilogy. More and more I am meeting male fans who are […]

This is Where the Fun Begins!

I thought I’d take a minute to update everyone on the status of my novel Wynde. Despite George Lucas’ best efforts to distract me – retiring and selling Star Wars in the middle of my sprint? – I’ve kept up a consistent writing pace. While screenwriting isn’t the same as novel writing, many of the […]

Tricia Barr Mark

Chapter Twenty-Two Excerpt Posted

We have a yearly tradition, dating back to the early TFN fanfic days, where I offered a treat to the faithful readers of my stories on Thanksgiving. (Those readers eventually formed the core unit of the Lomin Ale Cantina, where we discuss all things Star Wars and pop culture.) While I was reviewing Wynde I […]

Tricia Barr Mark

Princesses, Horses, and Heroism

Watching Brave in the movie theater, I tried to keep a blogger’s keen eye on the story. At one point, though, I became totally captivated, lost in the moment of Merida galloping her black steed Angus through the forest. I found myself transported to another world because the scene created a very real and emotional […]

Tricia Barr Mark

Chapter Twenty Excerpt Posted

As I discussed over at FANgirl Blog, I shared another excerpt from Wynde with my friends at the Lomin Ale Cantina as part of our May Mayhem Fan Fun celebrating Wraith Squadron from the Star Wars Expanded Universe in anticipation of the release of X-Wing: Mercy Kill in August. Be sure to check out the […]

Tricia Barr Mark

Giving Present Tense a Test Flight

I knew March would be madness with Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse and The Hunger Games – stories with great female heroines like Jaina, Tahiri, and Katniss. In the meantime I’ve been writing away on Wynde, working with my heroine in that book and playing with some storytelling ideas to help draw the reader into […]

Tricia Barr Mark

Shaping a Heroine – A Daughter’s Mother

In my first entry to Shaping a Heroine, a series of blogs discussing the design of my novel’s heroine, Vespa Wynde, I talked about her father. Daemyn Wynde had always been easily identifiable in my mind as an amalgamation of Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt. When I tried to identify […]