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Recently Steven Savage of requested an interview with me about FANgirl Blog, Wynde, and more. The interview was posted today – I hope you’ll check it out. And thanks to Steven for asking!

Tricia Barr Mark

Talking Star Wars and Action!

As I’ve talked about previously at FANgirl Blog, I first got to see Katrina Hill in action at San Diego Comic Con when she hosted the Oh, You Sexy Geek! panel. I’m a big fan of her blog, and now that she is working hard on her first book, I thought I might be able […]

Tricia Barr Mark

Six Figures and Counting!

I’m not talking money, just the word count on my novel Wynde. I actually zoomed past it once my words-per-week kicked into what I’d term a more productive gear. Not that my normal pace is unproductive, but I’m capable of churning out 50,000 words of fiction in a month when the muse deigns to hand […]

Shaping a Heroine – A Father’s Daughter

The more I write, the more I’ve come to the determination that writers really do write what they know, and if you really want to know who you are, it’s as simple as looking back at what you’ve written.  Ultimately that requires being critical of your flaws and weaknesses. And it’s true, self-awareness can be […]

Novel Title Revealed and Teaser Trailer

Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve had a tradition dating back to my childhood of sharing my creative side with family and friends around the holidays. My parents can tell you about cabarets full of song and dance, and friends often found a fun story or inventive Christmas letter pop up in their inboxes. So in the spirit […]

Tricia Barr Mark

Fourth Excerpt Posted

The world-building mega-task is almost complete, and in that time the first half of Act Two has been rewritten, smashed around, and beaten mostly into submission.  I figure it’s about time to give everyone a first glimpse of the Protectorate. Originally from Prime, the settlers of the Protectorate set out decades ago to establish a […]

Tricia Barr Mark

My Adventures in World-Building

A couple of weeks ago, I began to worry about the writing on my novel slowing down.  As I’ve mentioned before, it ebbs and flows. A few months back, I had felt like I was writing at the speed of a car perpetually stuck in second gear – until I realized I was slowing down […]

Tricia Barr Mark

Third Excerpt Posted

As I head off to San Diego Comic-Con, I thought I’d leave you with a new excerpt from Part One. It’s a Vespa scene, but you’ll see a whole other cast of characters emerge in her fight.  One of my big tasks for this week is to start the hunt for the person to do my […]

Tricia Barr Mark

Second Excerpt: Iko N’Kenis

Today’s excerpt features Iko N’Kenis, a secondary character who plays a pivotal role in the battle for the Kavil moon. A career military man, Iko finds that he must adapt quickly in a navy bogged down by protocol and bureaucracy after years of relative peace. Although the book is definitely Vespa’s story, there will be […]

Tricia Barr Mark

First Excerpt Posted

This Monday is exciting for me – and maybe just a bit intimidating, actually – because the first excerpt from my upcoming space opera novel has been posted. It’s been quite an adventure building my own world and developing my own characters, including the central heroine. What I’ve discovered through the process is that there are multiple […]