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WYNDE: Romance Is In The Air

Valentine’s Day has been an important part of my blogging career. I’m not going to lie – having the opportunity to pitch and write Suvudu posts which featured art of my favorite Star Wars couples were some of coolest things I have ever done. And my love for Han/Leia, Jaina/Jag, and Wedge/Iella has not faded […]

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WYNDE Chapter One Audio Excerpt

I have a long tradition of sharing something special with my readers for the holidays. This year, I wanted to celebrate Wynde and the holidays at the same time, and continue my goal of supporting female creators. So here is my treat for you this year: an audio excerpt of Chapter One from Wynde. Kay […]

The cast of Wynde by Tricia Barr

Creating Vespa of WYNDE: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Here’s the thing you learn as a storyteller: sometimes you have to take a leap and see where it gets you. ~Tricia Barr To me, stories aren’t just words on a page, but whole ideas realized in my head. When I write a character, I know who they are, which made it really fun to […]

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WYNDE Around the Web: November 25, 2014

Admittedly I fell behind last month, but for good reason. Listings for upcoming books are fantastic things, especially when it is a project you are working on. For the past couple of months I have been toiling away on Ultimate Star Wars for DK Publishing. It has been an honor to be part of the […]

The cast of Wynde by Tricia Barr

Designing WYNDE’S Heroine’s Journey

I recently celebrated the four-year anniversary of FANgirl. For much of that time, we’ve highlighted Strong Female Heroines and the Heroine’s Journey as major themes in the blog’s discussions about storytelling and writing. Two weekends ago at GeekGirlCon 2014, I participated on a panel about the Heroine’s Journey; the room was filled to capacity. Now […]

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WYNDE Around The Web: September 20, 2014

Over at Buzzy Mag, there is a great review of Athena’s Daughters, the speculative fiction anthology featuring all female protagonists and produced by women. Each story in this anthology not only meets those requirements, they don’t make being female in and of itself the reason for the story. Yes, there are some very strong women […]

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WYNDE Around The Web: July 13, 2014

Another Five Star review this month at Amazon for my novel Wynde. I got so involved in this book I couldn’t put it down. The characters are great, the story is exciting. There is so much to this story I will have to read it again to make sure I got it all Always great […]

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Lily Morgane Reviews WYNDE

Last week Lily Morgane of Madly Girly Geekly, a French geek girl website, posted a review of my novel Wynde. Earlier this year I did a two-part interview with the French website, which is translated into English on Lily’s site. While most of the interview focused on how fandom is changing for women, I did […]

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Wynde Around the Web: Jedi News Review

Jedi News may be known for getting the news to us first, but they are also great supporters of fans everywhere, which might be why I love them so much. Staffer Brian Cameron stepped up and offered to review Wynde. He posted a flattering review of the novel. Some highlights: I was starting out on […]

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Gemini in “Mission Accomplished”

Last week at Suvudu, author Jason Fry discussed the ways Star Wars influenced his space-fantasy series The Jupiter Pirates. He also explained how some connections that might seem tied to the galaxy far far away were just a matter of coincidence, like the name of his protagonist Tycho, who is named not for the fan-favorite […]